Now you can have your sandwich and eat it, too!

Zombie Bob

This is Zombie Bob. It's pretty self explainable. When I was young, I made a series of comics called Bob the Stick Guy. This is basically him and his friends trying to survive a zombie invasion. It isn't a deep plot, I know. But, I was nine, so, come on guys.








The Alliance: OMEGA #1

 The first few panels of this comic takes place in the final issue of the original "The Alliance" comics. This comic reveals why Mr. X attacked the building, because it wasn't Mr.X! The Colleco Dimension is an opposite universe and they are planning to take over the world. With the help of the new members, can The Alliance Omega stop them?







The Uvula Crisis Announcement

The Uvula  is a movie I've had planned with Spensr for a while and i might as well just get it out there. The release date is predicted to be somewhere around Oct. 2012 - Mar. 2013

Seanimation's ALL 4 ONE! The Video Game

The fighting game featuring all the veagly remembered Seanimations characters like Sean, Spensr, Toast Man, Bob the Stick Guy, and many more. Release date will be late 2012. スーパーハッピー楽しい時間!;) (Japanesse)

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