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Hey everyone!!!! President and CEO of Seanimations here back at you again with some great forum fun!!! Discuss what you think Seanimations should become. What direction you would like to see it go to? I expect all responses to be serious and professional to respect the significance of Seanimations Productions. Thank you and get to talking


Sean Wolahan.

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The Uvula Crisis Announcement

The Uvula  is a movie I've had planned with Spensr for a while and i might as well just get it out there. The release date is predicted to be somewhere around Oct. 2012 - Mar. 2013

Seanimation's ALL 4 ONE! The Video Game

The fighting game featuring all the veagly remembered Seanimations characters like Sean, Spensr, Toast Man, Bob the Stick Guy, and many more. Release date will be late 2012. スーパーハッピー楽しい時間!;) (Japanesse)

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